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Counter Foundry End User License Agreement (EULA) - Trial License

Counter Foundry Ltd provides Typeface Software for commercial use through the sale of non-exclusive licenses. For testing and evaluation purposes, we offer a limited function version of this software for free, known as “Trial Fonts.” These Trial Fonts come with specific usage restrictions detailed below.

Upon downloading the Trial Fonts, you are granted a Trial License. This action also signifies your acceptance of the Counter Foundry End User License Agreement (“EULA”), establishing a binding contract between you, the “License Holder,” and Counter Foundry. By downloading and installing the Trial Fonts, you agree to the terms and conditions set out below.

1. Ownership

A Trial License grants you the right to use the Trial Fonts as outlined in this EULA. The ownership, copyright, and other intellectual property protections related to the Trial Fonts will be retained by Counter Foundry at all times.

2. License type and use

A Counter Foundry Trial License covers desktop installation and use, and web font usage. It may only be used for unpublished and unpaid personal design works and exploration, including client presentations, mock-ups, and educational projects. A Trial License is perpetual but becomes invalid as soon as the Trial Font is used for any published or design work for which the License Holder has received compensation of any kind.

3. Limited function version

Counter Foundry Trial Fonts are provided for testing and evaluation purposes only and may be limited in function. This may mean reduced character sets (letters, numbers, symbols, and punctuation) or functionality (OpenType features, Style Sets, alternate glyphs). The limitations of Trial Fonts are explained on the Counter Foundry Website. Should you require a full version of a Font for testing and evaluation, please purchase a Studio License.

4. Permitted uses of the Trial Fonts

Counter Foundry Trial Fonts may be used in the following ways:

4.1 Desktop installation and use

You may install and use the Trial Fonts on any number of workstations belonging to you. Permitted uses include, but are not limited to, the design of speculative or unpublished static images, motion graphics, logos, printed materials, signage, and other forms of graphic design.

4.2 Web embedding and use

You may embed and use the Trial Fonts on any private (password-protected) and unpublished (offline) website under your control with CSS @font-face.

4.3 Sharing work publicly on Social Media

You may share speculative work that uses Trial Fonts publicly on Social Media, provided you credit and tag @counterfoundry in each post.

5. Prohibited uses of the Trial Fonts

Any uses not described in Section 4 of this EULA require the purchase of a Commercial License from Counter Foundry. Examples of this include but are not limited to the use of Trial Fonts for the creation of commercial design work (work for which you are compensated), use of Trial Fonts on any published website, any form of modification, and any form of distribution or Third-Party use.

6. Making copies of the Trial Fonts

Trial Fonts cannot be shared directly with other designers and should only be downloaded from the Counter Foundry website. Copies of the Trial Fonts may be made by the License Holder for file backup purposes, as long as a copy of this EULA is stored alongside at all times and in all locations. Copies of Fonts cannot be put on public servers (e.g., GitHub) or stored on file-sharing platforms (e.g., Dropbox / Google Drive).

7. Access to updated Trial Fonts

Counter Foundry may occasionally develop or update its typefaces at any point in the future, and you are free to download new versions from the Counter Foundry website as and when these become available. On doing so, you will be agreeing to any changes in the terms of the new EULA.

8. Use of creative work for Counter Foundry marketing

Unless otherwise specified with Counter Foundry, your use of the Trial Fonts in images and videos implies consent for their use in our marketing efforts. Counter Foundry may feature these examples on its website, social media, or printed materials, crediting your company’s name. If you wish to opt out, contact us at

9. Warranty

Counter Foundry Trial Fonts are licensed without any Warranty or Guarantee. We cannot guarantee the Trial Fonts will operate properly within all current and future software products, nor that it will meet your requirements. However, if the Trial Fonts as downloaded are not working as you expect them to, please email, and we will do our best to address any issues.

10. License updates

The EULA issued at the point of download will be the License that governs your use of those Trial Fonts in perpetuity, even if Counter Foundry updates its EULA for new uses of Trial Fonts. If at any point you would like to update to a newer EULA, please contact